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Just a short note

I’m sure most of us have long said goodbye to the “silly season” and have jumped right into busy 2024, if you are into Feng Shui, the year of the Dragon. Even if you are not, no dragon will do the work for us so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and welcome new opportunities and challenges which often are actually the same thing you just have to find the right angle to see it the right way. This is also the time when we remind about and promise ourselves the meaning of sometimes elusive life-work balance.

There comes the “crazy busy” which according to one Dr Darria Long, an ED medico, does not have to be this at all. She suggests several steps with the first one being “to go from Crazy Mode to Ready Mode and that is to relentlessly triage”. For the ED doctor it definitely makes sense but apparently it has the same application in life and I kind of can see where she comes from. Particularly when she says that” in Crazy Mode you are always busy, always stressed, because you are reacting to every challenge with the same response. Contrast that with Ready Mode, where we triage, which means we prioritise by degree of urgency”.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into 2024 triaging whatever we can so we find the time to…live and celebrate: life, spending the time with each other, helping as much as we can and whoever we can.

We definitely will do all the above and more celebrating all upcoming New Years and their equivalents in many cultures and religions our interpreters and translators come from.

Simply sharing and celebrating this wonderful World…


and ABC Multilingua Team