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Indigenous Interpreting and Translating Services

ABC Multilingua Pty Ltd acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of this nation, along with their connection to the land and communities. We pay our respect to Indigenous cultures and to the elders, past, present and emerging. We acknowledge this land where we conduct our business is the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their country. We also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

Interpreting and translating is addressing one’s need to effectively communicate with others giving full consideration not just to the language but also the culture and any other aspect of their belonging or differences to any group.

In 2014, based on our extensive experience with international languages, we (formerly ABC International) took a crucial step in recognising the gap in communication for First Nations peoples in South Australia and the need for Indigenous language services. Since we began providing services in Indigenous languages, the demand has grown exponentially, continually adding to the list of languages in which we can provide interpreters and translators. In 2019, to acknowledge our Indigenous colleagues, we felt it was appropriate to change our name to include all of us as under the same interpreting and translating banner: From ABC International we changed our name to ABC Multilingua – representing us all – people of many languages.

ABC Multilingua is committed to providing the Indigenous people's and communities across Australia access to services and a voice in their preferred or first language; accommodating for and addressing unique cultural and community based communication needs. ABC’s service continues to grow, now covering the majority of South Australia, along with parts of the Northern Territory and Queensland. It has been a truly worthwhile and rewarding experience gaining insight into the world’s oldest surviving languages and culture through the eyes, minds and voices of Indigenous interpreters and translators. These Indigenous language practitioners guide ABC Multilingua as an organisation through the process of growing knowledge, learning about, and respecting Indigenous Australian's cultural differences to provide the best Indigenous language service possible.

ABC Multilingua is now well established in Indigenous languages with teams located in and available from the following towns and cities across Australia:

SA: Metropolitan Adelaide, remote/rural South Australia; APY Lands, Port Augusta, Whyalla.

NT: Alice Springs & Darwin.

QLD: Cairns & Torres Strait Islands.

We provide interpreters and translators in the following languages

  • Alyawarre
  • Anmatyerre
  • Eastern/Central Arrente
  • Western Arrente
  • Djambarrpuyngu (Yolngu Matha dialect)
  • Gumatj (Yolngu Matha dialect)
  • Luritja
  • Ngaanyatjarra
  • Pintupi / Pintupi-Luritja
  • Pitjantjatjara
  • Yumplatok (Torres Strait Creole)
  • Warlpiri
  • Yankunytjatjara
  • Yolngu Matha

Our Indigenous Interpreting and Translating services

  • Onsite interpreting - is the main service we provide. Body language and non-verbal cues can be essential for accurate and successful communication. These face-to-face sessions with one of our practitioners can be vital for longer, more sensitive, and complex matters.
  • AVL interpreting - is also an option in circumstances where it is not possible or appropriate for an interpreter to attend in person, whether your client is in a remote/regional area, unable to travel or maybe mobility is an issue, AVL Interpreting can be a great solution, we can run these sessions through a range of different platforms MS Teams, Zoom, Skype etc and if need be, from our own purpose built AVL suite.
  • Telephone interpreting - can be a great tool for immediate connection to an interpreter for urgent or shorter, less complex matters. We can facilitate connecting conference calls with multiple parties or provide you with a direct line to an interpreter at your convenience.
  • Translating - Often confused as being synonymous with interpreting, translating is the process of converting one written language into another. With Indigenous languages emerging to have a written form in more recent years, translation of materials into Australian Indigenous languages is fast becoming a desired service and we are able to accommodate this. With these Indigenous translations, the process is slightly different to our international languages’ counterpart and so operates as a separate unit under our Indigenous department. For more information – please contact our Indigenous Languages Coordinator who can work with you for specific projects, in addition to general enquiries
  • Audio Recording - A modern medium of communication and message delivery in situations where written words and signage may not reach the intended audience. Whether promoting key messages from health directories or promotional material – audio recording of translated material is a great way to ensure CALD communities are updated and informed. We are also able to provide this service in reverse – if you have audio materials requiring written formats/translation.
  • Training - We can help you to achieve your communication goals and get the most out of each appointment/meeting conducted via an interpreter. We can provide training on how to book correctly ensuring the right interpreter is allocated to your session as well as operational training from our Indigenous Languages Team on how to conduct an interpreting session onsite, over the phone or via AVL.

If you would like to know more about our Aboriginal Interpreting and Translating Services, please feel free to contact our Indigenous Languages Coordinator.

Examples of translation work can be provided upon request.

*Artwork by Anmatyerre Woman, Joy Purvis Petyarre