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Hello and welcome to our website! My name is Yvonna and I have the privilege to manage and work with a great team of our staff in the office, along with a several-hundred-large Family of translators and interpreters – mostly in SA but also across every State and Territory of Australia, as well as overseas. This is the only place on our website where you will find the three rather overused buzzwords of today: passionate, journey, and outcomes. There is no doubt in our minds that we are passionate, on a constant journey to achieve the best possible outcomes for both our customers and their clients, only instead of talking about it we just do it.

It has taken us nearly 32 years to have a decent website. A reason for this firstly is because websites did not exist when we started in 1990 with a pen and paper; with contact options either face to face visits or conversation by phone (landline mind you, no mobile phones back then!). After which we simply became too busy focused on serving our customers to contemplate producing a website of mostly ‘plastic fantastic’ pages; filled with unrealistic photographs and flashy examples of interpreting, when the local market did not look like that at all (and frankly still doesn’t). Instead, we engaged with our customers showing them who the interpreters are how vastly different their origins can be, and how to work with them according to the standards set for this extremely important but, to some degree at the community level, still ‘quirky’ translating and interpreting profession.

So finally, we have a website to fulfil the need of those who look for this type of information before engaging with a business – and that’s fair enough. However, we still prefer to speak with people to practically look at what their needs are; not making them wade through our website or automated booking service. We are a team of ‘regular’ people and as the sign in our reception says:

Office Mantra
In this office we are helpful, we answer phones, we have fun, we are knowledgeable, we are patient, we are friends, we are successful, we work together, we are a team.

This is who we are, most days, or at least we try our hardest to be. Please feel free to put us to the test, or simply browse the webpages hopefully finding something of interest to you. Also feel welcome to share our website with others who may need it or consider it useful. As someone once said, “Power today comes from sharing information, not withholding it”. Welcome to our Home from where we provide information and share our knowledge with our customers and through our services assist in empowering others to have a voice, belong, and feel connected!

Yvonna and ABC Multilingua Team